Stand Strait

Posture is extremely important and how we stand is equally important. Poor posture contributes to many ailments as we age. So it is imperative to use good posture in everything that we do.

Right : Wrong Ergo

This picture shows the right and wrong ways of sitting while using a computer. Sometimes we slouch when we do repetitive things like sit by a computer for 8 or more hours per day. The way that we sit and type can lead to some really bad hardships on our bodies. Proper ergonomics is key to staying healthy and being able to avoid painful afflictions down the road.

Ergonomics using a computer

This is the proper way to sit at the computer. We can always adjust equipment like monitors, keyboards, and mice to allow us to use good ergonomic techniques while at work or at home and using a computer.


This diagram shows us in detail how to adjust our workstation for the best ergonomic techniques. We don’t actually take this seriously enough in the workplace and at school but proper ergonomics are a necessary thing and should not be taken lightly.

Workplace Safety


It is very important to have the proper warning signs in the workplace in order make the workplace safe for everyone. It is extremely important for the human resources department and of safety official at each employer to make sure that every single employee knows all of the safety guidelines and procedures as well as the potential hazards. This is essential for both the employees and the employers.


Labels are just as important as warning signs as they are the warning signs for chemicals and other hazardous products used in the workplace. Proper usage of chemicals is also very important. Of course this should also be made available during orientation as well as every day so that the proper procedures are taken. This should prevent most accidents and catastrophes. A job should be safe for everyone in everything that they do.


In the Teens in the workplace video we learned that teenagers do not comprehend things as well as adults. In the video one very young girl (I believe she was 14) reached into some machinery to get a bag of ice and ended up stuck in the machine for 55 minutes and now has permanent damage to her arms, wrists, hands, and fingers. This could have been avoided if she would know that it is okay to ask questions and the machinery had been properly marked as in the photo above.


Each potential hazard should be clearly marked with the proper signage. Sometimes there are very different potential hazards in each area of a workplace. There are certainly unique issues and hazards throughout our workplace environment and not all of the responsibility should be placed on the employer. If you see some potential hazard it is your responsibility to speak up or ask questions so that it is safe for everyone.

Copyright Fair Use

Fair Use has 4 questions that judges will apply to every case of copyright infringement with regard to the fair use act. These questions will be listed below:

  1.  The purpose and character of use – The main point to this factor is whether or not the new material creates something new or is more or less a copy of the original. A good example of this is say your teacher writes an article about gun safety and one of her students then prints up flyers with pictures and some stories highlighted by the some main points made by their instructor. This would likely be considered fair use because the original was changed enough to make it have a completely different purpose.
  2. The nature of the work – Is the work more factual or more fictional? Has the work been published or is it yet to be published? This is important because if this is something factual like from a text book, biography, or encyclopedia the information used is something real or that really happened. Unlike movies, novels, plays, or TV shows are more of a creative art this was originated by the author. For example an auto biography from Mark Zuckerberg would be more factual than the movie “The Social Network” which was a story about Facebook and how Mark created it.
  3. The amount and the substantiality of the portion taken – This factor is determined based on the amount taken and used for the new creation. The less taken the better. A great example of this is the song “Eight Days A Week” by The Beatles and you wrote a song that has a different melody and the words “Love you every day girl, always on my mind” may be considered fair use but if you used the actual music from the song and the words “I ain’t got nothing but love babe eight days a week” would be more of the original idea of the song.
  4. The effect of the use upon the potential market – With this factor the determination would be based on how your use might affect the owner of the copyright from potential revenue of their works or undermine their opportunity in reaching a new market like you were a Beatles cover band and you became very popular in Sierra Leone and Paul McCartney was banned to tour there because of your popularity.

5 Reasons to Replace Your Traditional Resume with an Online Portfolio

  1. Online Presence – In today’s world if you do not have an online portfolio you will lose out on many potential customers and likely will not survive in the business world. There are millions of potential customers online.
  2. Social Media Image – Every successful company and individual has a positive social media image. This is really important as it allows potential customers, clients, or employers see a little bit of your personality which could be a deciding factor in whether or not they will want to work with you or buy from you.
  3. Resumes don’t tell a story – A traditional resume can feature your skills and experience but it does not tell a story about who you are as a person or business. Your online portfolio will tell a story about you that would not usually be made available with a resume or a cover letter. What you do and who you associate yourself with tells more about you than a mere document can do.
  4. Networking – Resumes do not do any sort of networking for you. Your online portfolio will help you to reach millions of people worldwide. This is important when you are trying to reach potential customers it is imperative that you have a great reach worldwide. With each happy customer worldwide they have the potential to tell several people locally about you and your services. Eventually this will help you and your business blow up and become very profitable.
  5. Social Media Equals Money – As described in number 4 above when you continue to add followers and receive likes and share, your brand will grow exponentially. As long as what you do is done very well your potential for growth has no barriers.